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June 4, 2014

Good Day to Everyone:

This is my first Sanitary Solutions blog– I wish to “thank everyone” for the help– Just remember that we did not have blogs back in the old days– I will be sending out more blogs to update you on the new products that we will be stocking as we have shipments coming in on a daily basis– check out our “NEW” website:

As the owner of the company, we are dedicated to you, the distributor– Each of the team members, web developers, truck drivers, IT personnel, package deliverers and folks take responsibility from the time the order is placed to the time the product to make sure you and your customer base are happy each and every time.

We are believers that you say what you do and that you put it in writing each and every time– Our growth in stainless steel hygienic products is dependent upon each of the above working parts above.

As for new products, we will be stocking 0.50″– 10.00″ A270, T304 and T316L Polish ID/OD Tube in our warehouses.

We are stocking up on Large Diameter Fittings and Valves so when you have a sanitary need, Sanitary Solutions will be a ” one stop shop” to accommodate you. Remember when you place an order that day, we ship UPS 6:30 PM (EST) or by Truck — 7:00 PM (EST) with an e-mail confirmation.

Sanitary Solutions supplies quality parts, service, order completion, competitive pricing and “live” persons to speak with to answer your needs.

Call us Toll Free at 1-888-909-3569. We look forward to speaking with you.